MISSIONTo educate, innovate, and lead the digital transformation in the art world

Empower art professionals with data and deep insights that paves way to more opportunities in the art world.


Founded in 2015, ARTERNAL, based in USA & Canada, was the first technology company to focus exclusively on bringing Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology to the art world. Evolving over the years, ARTERNAL is now an all-in-one platform providing Revenue & Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Productivity and Workflow tools for art dealers, art gallery owners, and their staff within one consolidated platform.

Sean Green and his co-founders, Steve Miller, and Raymond Nguyen created ARTERNAL with the art dealer's experience and needs in mind. Their idea was simple, instead of working via multiple formats and platforms, provide a unified resource that allows the art professional to focus on what they do best - sell art and deepen relationships with their clients. They understood that driving sales, while simultaneously nurturing relationships, are the top priority.

Streamline and Consolidation

Automation across inventory, contact, and email within a connected system.

Focus on Fostering

Tracks client engagement within rich contact profiles, allowing you to buld better relationships.


Our analytics allow our users to better prioritize business decisions.


Our foundation is built by listening to the industry's needs

With a team that has over 20+ years experience in being involved in the art world, we have heard problems countless art professionals' face when running their businesses. From there, we've realized the need for a platform that truly meets their needs as the art industry takes huge steps into a digital transformation.

ARTERNAL is built through conversations with gallerists, collectors, curators, and everyone in-between.

Molly Urell


Being a part of change in the art world is exciting. Being a part of a team where every voice is genuinely valued and contributes to that innovation is exhilarating. Providing efficiency to the art industry is what drew me to ARTERNAL, but the team’s unparalleled dedication and energy in creating the most innovative platform has been infectious — in the best way.


As needs and technology evolves, we're constantly innovating

With our world class in-house engineering team, we release new features multiple times a month dependant on the needs of our users and the art market. Continuously providing our users what they need to flourish their business.


Our goal for every art professional is to unlock their business’ true potential

Despite the art world drastically changing, the operations have not. Tasks have been left to memory, pen and paper, and siloed systems. Due to the lack of innovation at the core of a business process, results in:

Hours wasted on low-value tasks,

Slow moving conversations through out the art fair process

Weak relationship due to content-poor profiles

Multiple opportunities missed due to not having deep insights

ARTERNAL is the all-in-on solution that brings you back to what's important.
Revenue & Relationships.

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Switching to ARTERNAL is simple. With a dedicated in-house engineering team and a launch manager - we do the heavy lifting of moving your existing inventory and contacts over. Migrating your data over is FREE.
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