Digital financial insights,  stay on top of your money.



Multiple Price


Understand your artworks' financials down to the bottomline

Data is the new gold. ARTERNAL's consolidated digital platform generates deep insights on your deals, allowing you and your team the ability track sales, profits and margins.

See overviews of your sales, expenses and profits.

Break down and understand your sale distribution

Track how much revenue your artists are generating

Be on top of which clients have paid off their invoices


Go digital, less paper.

Take all your documentation and forms online. From invoices, consignments, purchases, shipping, and more.

Take a look at the forms and documentation what we've digitized:







Smart pricing capabilities

Pricing can get complicated and messy. With ARTERNAL's flexible pricing interface, you'll be able to access price history, offer multiple prices, and view prices in different currencies.

Supercharge your revenue and relationships

With ARTERNAL you can get to the core of your business thanks to a fully consolidated system. It speeds up your workflow through automation, and builds better relationships with deeper insights into your clients.

Track Engagement

Track email and text engagement: opens, clicks and shares to inform your follow up strategy and manage time efficiently.

 Fully Integrated CRM

Our lightweight CRM is integrated throughout the whole platform. Leverage  data from your contacts and correspondence to generate leads.

Sales Pipeline

Automatically create a deal pipeline based on pre-fair or exhibition client engagement.

Rich Contact Profiles

Build and expand individual client profiles to include relationships, interests, purchases, and email correspondence.

Create Invoices

Create, edit and generate PDF invoices after you've finalized a sale.

Business Card Scanner

The iOS app allows you to scan business cards that get converted into contacts in the system.

Institutional Memory

Collect, maintain, and use data that stays with your company even when employees move on.

Permission Control

Give the right people the right visibility on private information.

QuickBooks Integration *Coming soon*

Save huge amounts of time on data entry with invoicing syncing to QuickBooks.