The power of ARTERNAL, on your iPhone or iPad


Compose and track on the go

Be in the know, track everything

75% usage rate

The mobile app is vital for your workflow. It's used 75% as much as the web app on a monthly basis.

3000 offers sent

Our clients take advantage of offers on the go. 3k individual email offers have been sent from an iPhone or iPad.

Business does not stop at your desk.
Continue your workflow with our iPhone & iPad app.


Compose trackable offers on the go

With Smart Mail CRM, you are able to see all the conversations you have in whatever stage they're on. From a high-level, easily acquire insights on how your sales cycle is going. Focus on prospects in your pipeline who engage and follow up with the ones who don’t.

Attach works and documents within your inventory, without having to dig through your camera roll.

Start an email on the web and finish it off on your phone, or vice versa.


Your inventory where you need it

We've simplified inventory so it does what it needs whether you are on your phone or at an art fair.

View, present and organize all artwork and documents in your inventory.

View, edit and manage artists, sets, exhibitions, fairs and more.

No pre-loading required. Your inventory is always up to date and in sync with our web platform.


Be in the know, always

Stay informed as to when your contacts are viewing your emails and opening your attachments.

Track who's interested in your artwork when you send them via WhatsApp, Wechat, iMessage and other third party messaging apps.

Our iPhone and iPad app is free for all users of ARTERNAL. No additional cost.

We don't cap you on how many devices you can install the iOS app on.

We constantly provide updates on to ensure the experience is bug free and loaded with new features.

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Supercharge your revenue and relationships

With ARTERNAL you can get to the core of your business thanks to a fully consolidated system. It speeds up your workflow through automation, and builds better relationships with deeper insights into your clients.

Track Engagement

Track email and text engagement: opens, clicks and shares to inform your follow up strategy and manage time efficiently.

 Fully Integrated CRM

Our lightweight CRM is integrated throughout the whole platform. Leverage  data from your contacts and correspondence to generate leads.

Sales Pipeline

Automatically create a deal pipeline based on pre-fair or exhibition client engagement.

Rich Contact Profiles

Build and expand individual client profiles to include relationships, interests, purchases, and email correspondence.

Create Invoices

Create, edit and generate PDF invoices after you've finalized a sale.

Business Card Scanner

The iOS app allows you to scan business cards that get converted into contacts in the system.

Institutional Memory

Collect, maintain, and use data that stays with your company even when employees move on.

Permission Control

Give the right people the right visibility on private information.

QuickBooks Integration *Coming soon*

Save huge amounts of time on data entry with invoicing syncing to QuickBooks.