Spotlight on: Lewis Long

This week in our Spotlight series we are featuring Lewis Long, founder and owner of Long Gallery Harlem. Lewis received his MBA from Harvard Business School, and has held multiple executive-level positions managing marketing and branding strategy for nationally recognized companies such as Verizon, ADT Security Systems, and Procter & Gamble. He also was appointed as a White House Fellow during the Clinton administration.

Lewis founded Long Gallery Harlem in 2014 with a focus on representing both established and emerging contemporary artists of African descent. The gallery challenges traditional representations of underrepresented people, irrespective of artist identity.

Name: Lewis Long

Company: Long Gallery, Harlem @longgallery

Role: Founder and owner

What neighborhood you hail from: Harlem

Growing up, what were your first memories of art?

My first memories of art are seeing the public protest murals and visiting the galleries of the Smithsonian in my hometown Washington, DC in the seventies.

How did you end up on the path to becoming a dealer?

I was renovating a Harlem commercial space to set up shop as a modern day portrait studio, read James Vanderzee, and before I knew it, a date was set for an opening by an artist that asked to show his work in my new clean white box. I replied yes, and at the opening someone asked if I was the gallerist and the rest is history.

Comedy, drama or horror films? What do you choose on date night and why?

I guess I prefer dramas if I have to choose. Dramas tend to make for good conversation after the film as the date continues as going to the movies can be a somewhat impersonal date.